10 Best Amateur Golf Clubs: Optimum Reviews And Buying Guide In 2022

Investing in a golf club when you are just starting to play golf is one of the first steps in realizing your dream. But many golf experts recommend amateur golf players initially put money into a golf club set.

Hitting a golf ball might be too easy: getting it into holes with minimal swing or shot requires skills. So, you need a set of golf clubs with different traits to finish a round with a lower score.

If you are still undecided on what golf club to buy: here are some of the best amateur golf clubs available in the market today. We tried our best to review and research these products. We came up with ten of the best so far.





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10 Best Amateur Golf Clubs- Reviews 2022

1. Callaway Golf Men Strata Complete Set

Callaway never ceases to disappoint male golfers, even if they are just beginning to learn the game. Owning a golf club set, like the Callaway Golf Men Strata Complete Set, as their first investment is a great relief for them. The Strata is a 12-piece complete set with a lightweight 460cc forged driver.

The 6-9 irons included are the dream of most amateur golfers because the clubs combined forgiveness and control. Similarly, the lightweight putter features a mallet-style head with a T-style alignment for more accurate shots.


  • The 12-piece set comes with a driver, 3-woods, 5-Hybrid, 6 - 9 Irons, PW, a putter, a stand bag, and two headcovers.
  • The driver has a titanium head with a big sweet spot for more forgiveness.
  • It has an oversized 3-wood for accurate and high-flying shots.


  • The durability of the clubs is questionable for some golfers.

2. Callaway STRATA Women Golf Packaged Sets

Callaway appreciates more women amateur golfers that seek a better club package as a starter set. The STRATA Women Golf Packaged Set is an 11-piece set included in Callaway Strata Series appeals to most newbie women golfers.

The beauty of this golf club set is the combination of control, forgiveness, and distance. It is also one of the sets with the best value for money that amateur players may find interesting. The clubs are for better performance with minimal effort on your part.


  • The set includes A Driver, 5 Woods, 5 Hybrid, 7 & 9 Iron, SW, Putter, a stand bag, and three headcovers.
  • The driver is a 460cc forged lightweight golf club.
  • Options are available like 16-piece Tour set, 16-piece set, and 14-piece set.


  • Petite women may find the item weight (11 pounds) too cumbersome to carry around the golf course.

3. WILSON Men Complete Golf Club Package Sets

If you are an amateur golfer willing to improve shots with minimal effort: try owning the WILSON Men Complete Golf Club Package Sets. This golf set has deep and under-cut stainless steel cavity-back irons for long and straight shots.

The lightweight driver (460cc) is an utmost relief for amateurs struggling with forgiveness. Its large sweet spot will solve your predicaments. Beginner male golfers will find the alloy steel shaft holds grips like a pro. The clubs black, deep red, and gray colors show more masculine looks.


  • The package includes a driver, four hybrids, three fairway irons, a modern putter, and Irons 5-PW.
  • The package also comes with a free carry bag with a stand and adjustable shoulder straps.
  • The complete golf set has durable materials and the latest design technology.


  • The package does not include a sand wedge.

4. Callaway Golf XJ Junior Golf Set

Do your kids want to start playing golf at a young age? Well, you can gift them with a golf set that will not hurt your budget. It is even a premium brand: The Callaway Golf XJ Junior Golf Set is the perfect golf set for amateur kid golfers.

The Golf XJ Junior set has a free carry bag and weighs just 4lbs. It is a 4-piece golf set that includes a fairway wood, 7-iron, an S. W. (sand wedge), and a putter. Like a golf set for adults, the XJ features clubs that offer lots of forgiveness.


  • The XJ will help junior golfers deliver long ranges.
  • The lightweight golf clubs are easier to swing.
  • The set fits kids with 38-46 inches of height.


  • Kids growing fast may outgrow the shaft length.
  • Not recommendable for kids standing 5-foot tall and over.

5. Precise M5 Men Complete Golf Clubs Package Set

One of the best golf irons for amateur golfers is the Precise M5 Men Complete Golf Clubs Package Set. The affordable golf set includes a titanium driver, S. S. Fairway, S. S. Hybrid, S. S. 5-PW Irons, a putter, a stand bag, and three headcovers. The golf set has non-slip rubber grips that provide better handling for starters.

The clubs come lightweight with a titanium driver offering lots of forgiveness and increased distance. Taller men (more than 6-feet in height) will benefit the most from this golf club package set. Right-handed men more than 6-foot tall can choose the package that includes the following: a 460cc driver; #3 wood; 21 Hybrid; 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW stainless steel irons; a putter; and a high-quality stand bag with three headcovers.


  • The first-class putter enhances aiming.
  • The Precise M5 has a combination of graphite and tempered steel shafts.
  • The 460cc driver delivers more forgiveness and distance.


  • The set has no sand wedge.

6. Aspire XD1 Ladies Women Complete Right-Handed Golf Clubs Set

Amateur women golfers can now pick the golf club set suiting their skills. Aspire is one of the leading golf brands that offer more affordable golf set in the market today: Like the Aspire XD1 Ladies Women Complete Golf Clubs Set that offers graphite shafts with non-slip rubber grips.

The complete set includes a titanium driver, S. S. Fairway, S. S. Hybrid, S. S. 6-PW Irons, a putter, a stand bag, and three headcovers. The ultra-light, but with a high modulus graphite (100% content) shaft, lets you swing with ease.


  • The 460cc titanium driver is a bargain for lady amateurs.
  • The complete set fits petite women golfers.
  • The stand bag has two straps for convenient carrying.


  • The golf set is for right-handed golfers only.

7. Aspire Junior Plus Complete Golf Club Set for Children

Aspire is one of the leading brands that offer golf club sets with a low-and medium-cost range. The affordable price will surely make parents overjoyed! But do the golf set offers unquestionable qualities. Yes, they do! Like the Aspire Junior Plus, Complete Golf Club Set for Kids.

The Aspire Junior plus is for children in five age groups, boys and girls. The set also comes with free golf bags in assorted colors and designs. The set comes in the following age brackets: 5-6, 7-8, 9-10 (different colors for boys & girls), and 11-12.


  • The heads are stainless steel, while the shaft is graphite.
  • The clubs for younger players are small and light.
  • The clubs for older age groups have big and slightly heavy heads.


  • The golf club set comes only in a right-hand orientation.

8. Precise NX460 Ladies Women Complete Golf Clubs Set

We can say the Precise NX460 golf clubs are precision tools in molding amateurs into pros. That is right! When you are just starting in golf, utilizing the Precise NX460 Ladies Women Complete Golf Clubs Set will surely enhance your performance.

The set includes a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, 6-9 Irons, PW, SW, a putter, a carry bag with a stand, and three headcovers. The lightweight golf clubs are the perfect starter set for ladies who want to enjoy the challenges and thrills of golf.


  • The set comes in two sizes: Regula or Standard (for ladies 5’3”-5’9” height) and Petite (5’3” and below).
  • The shaft has a non-slip rubber grip with lady grips size.
  • The putter has an oversized head for easy aiming and putting.


  • The clubs are not suitable for ladies below five feet in height.

9. Aspire PRO-X Ladies Women Complete Right-Handed Golf Clubs Set

The Aspire Pro-X Golf Club Set for right-handed ladies is one of the best golf club sets for amateur golfers. It is a 10-piece golf club that includes a titanium F-Driver, 3-Fairway Wood, 4-5 Hybrids, 7-SW Irons, and a putter. It also has a free cart bag with four headcovers.

The titanium driver of PRO-X is convincingly one of the favorites of most amateur golfers because of its big sweet spot. The head is oversized but lightweight for a smoother swing. If you are wondering about the price, the PRO-X offers a low to mid-cost price range.


  • The precise C. G. location in each club provides the needed launch.
  • The ladies’ flex shaft has Premium V6 for variable control.
  • The grip is a non-slip Tour Pride exclusive to Aspire Pro-X.


  • The complete golf club set: including the bag, may weigh about 8kg.

10. Aspire XD1 Men Complete Golf Clubs Package Set

One of Aspire golf club sets with an affordable price range is the XD1 Complete Golf Clubs Package Set. The set includes a titanium driver, S.S. Fairway, S.S. Hybrid, S.S. 6-PW Irons, a putter, a carrying bag with a stand, and three headcovers.

It comes in a right-hand orientation and suits amateurs and intermediate players. The woods have pure graphite shaft while the irons have True Temper Steel shaft for diverse grips. Taller men find this package set more suitable for their needs, especially the length of the shafts.


  • The 460cc titanium driver offers more forgiveness on miss-hits.
  • The golf set has two sizes available: Regular size & Tall + 1 size.
  • The clubs have a putter grip type.


  • The golf clubs are for men 6-foot tall and above.
  • Available only in right-hand orientation.

Best Amateur Golf Clubs- Buying Guide

Best Golf Clubs for Tall Men

1. Head

The allowable club head volume (or size) by the USGA is 460cc (cubic centimeters). The USGA rules out in 2019 that a golf driver should not be larger than 460cc (28.o6 cubic inches) by volume. However, it has a tolerance of 10cc (0.61 cubic inches).

The larger the volume of a club head, offers more forgiveness on miss-hits. It is one of the reasons why beginner, intermediate, and amateur golfers utilize the biggest clubhead possible (but legal) when they start to play the game.

2. Loft

The angle of the clubhead face is what we know as the loft. The higher the degree of the loft, the shorter distance the ball travels. It is recommendable for amateur golfers to pick a driver with a lower loft, like between 10 and 12, for a farther distance.

3. Shaft length

It is ideal for beginners and amateurs to pick a flexible shaft to help them enhance an effective strike on the ball. Moreover, the length of the shaft also plays a vital role in ball control and accurate shots. So, pick the correct shaft length according to your height and arms’ reach.

4. Weight

Many amateurs and beginners, especially women, prefer lightweight golf clubs (more on irons). If a golf club feels too heavy, the golfer has to swing harder. It is too tiring and may not result in better performance.

5. Materials

Most golf clubs have different shaft and clubhead materials. The ideal material for the head is titanium, especially for amateurs. Although it is more expensive than steel alloy, the performance is much better. For the shaft, many pros and seasoned golfers prefer graphite. But for beginners, stainless steel is a better option.

6. Adjustability

Golf club adjustability pertains to the changes in lie and loft angles: Golf clubs with this feature are advantageous to beginners and amateurs. The changes in the shot provide amateurs options in modifying their swing styles and other skills.

7. Budget

Everybody knows that golf is an expensive sport. There is more affordable equipment, especially golf clubs that come in sets. Pick the one that will not hurt your budget but do not compromise quality. You can also compare the prices and traits of each golf set before you decide on what to buy.

8. Irons in the Club set

A standard 14-piece golf club set commonly contains between seven and eleven irons. It includes the wedges. The most irons in a set are the 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 irons. But if you have a high-handicap, you can replace the 3 and 4 irons with higher loft fairway woods.

9. Center of Gravity

Choose a club with a lower center of gravity (C. G.) if you are an amateur golfer. A club head with a low center of gravity enables the ball to launch higher with less spin. Most pro and seasoned golfers prefer higher C. G. because the ball will spin more with a lower launch.

10. Forgiveness

Choose a club with a big sweet spot. The sweet spot enhances the golf club’s forgiveness so you can achieve an adequate distance even on miss-hits. The construction and design of a golf club lessen the effects of inadequate swing and faulty contact with the ball.

11. Types of Golf Clubs

Golf club sets sold in the market today usually contain 10 to 14 golf clubs. But some brands offer less or more than the usual. The headcovers for the clubs and a carry bag are in the package (or piece count).

In a starter golf club set nowadays, the contents include the following golf clubs: irons, hybrids, wedges, fairway woods, and a putter. The irons make up the most number in a set. They are the clubs used when you are about 200 yards away from the hole.

The woods are the clubs used for long shots, while the wedges (the highest lofted club) are for short approach shots. On the other hand, hybrid is a combination of irons and woods.


1. What golf clubs should an amateur carry?

Golf experts suggest you carry the following 14-piece standard golf clubs if you are an amateur golfer: a driver, 3-wood (2-piece), 5-wood (3-piece), 3-iron through 9-iron (7-piece), and a putter. However, you can customize your golf clubs by changing some irons into wedges, hybrids, or specialty clubs.

How Many Clubs In A Golf Bag

2. What are the best irons for amateur players?

One of the best irons for amateurs is the LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons Individual or Golf Irons Set for Men.

3. What golf clubs are the easiest to hit?

Some of the easiest to hit golf clubs are the cavity-backed iron variations of Callaway Edge. This iron set comes in with 6 to 9-irons with the PW and SW.

4. What clubs should a beginner use on a par-3 course?

There is no particular club a beginner can use on a par-3 course. In many cases, you can use a putter, a wedge, and a pair of mid-irons (5-7 irons).

5. How Many Irons A Golf Club Set Contains?

Years ago, the 3-PW irons were the irons offered in a set. Today, a golf club set may include 7-piece irons (3-9 irons), including the wedges and hybrids.

6. What Materials Are in Golf Irons?

Most golf club irons are stainless steel. It is in combination with nickel and chromium, and other trace materials.

7. Can Women Utilize Men Golf Club Sets?

Most women are shorter and have smaller grips because of their little hands. However, taller ladies can use a golf club set for men: if they are more comfortable with it.

8. When Playing Daily, How Frequent Should I Expect The Advantages Of A Club Set?

The condition varies from golfer to golfer. When playing daily, you can experience the advantages of using a golf club set between three to four years. Within 4 years, your golf set may become obsolete due to developing technologies.

9. Which is the Best between Blade and Cavity-Backed Irons?

Cavity-back irons are better for amateur golfers because they are easier to hit than blades. Seasoned and pro golfers use blade irons.

10. Should I Specify My Golf Objectives Before I Buy A Club Set?

It is better to define your objectives before pursuing a journey in golf. Doing it without a plan may bring all your efforts to waste.

Find a set that will help you enhance the swing speed and further your distance. Moreover, buy lightweight clubs with lots of forgiveness and the correct shaft flex.

11. Should I Avoid Hybrids?

Golf experts recommend beginners and amateurs to use hybrid clubs for the easy striking of the ball. Hybrids are also the best substitute for long irons.

12. Are headcovers needed?

Headcovers protect the clubheads from scratching and harsh elements, especially during a game on the golf course. Yes, they are a necessity!

13. What should I use, Left or Right-Handed Clubs?

Left-handed golfers use left-hand orientation golf club sets and vice-versa. However, some golfers are left-handed but play golf productively with right-handed golf clubs. These are rare cases.

14. Is It Mandatory To Have Clubs Matching the Standards?

It is not a binding rule to match the standard golf clubs in a game. You are free to choose the clubs that you prefer. However, you should follow the mandatory of carrying only 14 types of golf clubs in your bag.


Golf has some of the strictest rules in sports. But it also offers more freedom in choosing the golf club set for your skills and needs. As an initial investment for amateur and beginner golfers; They have the right to pick out the best tools for them, just like a golf club set.

We find the Callaway Golf Men Strata Complete Set as the best amateur golf club set. The golf club contents of this set are ideal for amateurs and beginners, especially those with high handicaps.

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