The 10 Best Golf Bags For Push Carts Of 2021

Do you find walking during one round of golf healthier? Are you ready to carry and lift your golf bag within a 7,000-yard distance?

You do not have to do that! A golf bag, especially when fully loaded with golf clubs and other essentials, will get heavy as you advance to the round. You can use a pushcart or a trolley to make everything easier. But is your golf bag compatible with your pushcart?

We will show you here the ten best golf bags for pushcarts that you probably do not know by now!

Best Golf Bags for Push Carts – Prime Reviews in 2021

1. Titleist Cart 14 Lightweight Golf Bag

Titleist Cart 14 Lightweight Golf Bag, Black/Black/Red
  • Strap loop for easy cart or trolley use
  • 11 Cart-accessible zippered pockets
  • Large beverage pocket

The Titleist Cart 14 Lightweight Golf Bag is a cheaper alternative for the Titleist Cart 15. The Titleist Cart-14 version is sleeker and can hold 14 golf clubs simultaneously. It also comes with more color combinations than Cart 15. Moreover, this type of golf bag for a cart or trolley is ideal for amateurs, beginners, ladies, and senior golfers.

The bag is nylon with durable stitching that will not let moisture and water enter the interior. If you are fond of bringing a large bottle or container of beverages, it has a big pocket for such essentials. In total, the cart bag has 11 pockets, including the removable ball pocket that you can customize.


  • The bag has a strap loop that is durable enough for cart or trolley attachment.
  • All of the pockets have zippers for secure holding of essentials.
  • The 14 dividers have pads to protect the clubs from scratching each other.


  • The gray/sky/charcoal and black/gray/canary color combinations are more expensive options.

2. Callaway Golf 2021 Chev 14 Cart Bag

Callaway Golf 2021 Chev 14 Cart Bag , BLACK/CYAN/FIRE RED
  • 14-way arched top with full-length dividers
  • 5 front-facing pockets including a velour lined valuables...
  • Hook and loop glove attachment

If you want a more affordable golf cart bag from a reputable brand, the Callaway Chev 14 Cart Bag is it! The Callaway Golf 2021 Chev 14 sells for less than $200, especially on The cart bag comes with 14 full-length (with an arched top) dividers that will fit your golf clubs well.

The Chev 14 Cart Bag has a rigid plastic bottom that will not get wet even if the golf course is in flood. It has five front-facing pockets for other valuables. The entire bag can stand alone even without a cart.


  • The cart bag has plenty of storage for balls, clothes, tees, and other accessories.
  • Even the zippers are waterproof, like the rip-stop fabric.
  • It has a hook and loop glove attachment that keeps it secure to wrists and hands.


  • The price does not include shipping fees.
  • The bag comes only in blue color with red stripes.

3. Cobra Golf 2020 Ultra-light Cart Bag

On Sale

One of the lightest golf cart bags to roam around golf courses is the Cobra Golf 2020 Ultralight Cart Bag. The bag only weighs 5.3 pounds, without content, which a teenage golfer can carry on shoulders. Moreover, the cart bag has 13 pockets for maximum storage of other golf accessories (such as balls, tees, gloves, etc.).

Furthermore, the pockets are Dual Oversized Apparel with a key clip to secure contents. Even refreshments, such as drinks in cans (maximum of 12 oz. each), can fit 12 cans in its assigned pockets. The beverages will not get warm because the cooling cluster has insulation.


  • The pockets have Dual Fleece lined for maximum content protection.
  • The Cart Strap Pass-Thru provision will secure the bag firmly to the cart.
  • The cart bag has a 14-way top club storage system.
  • The bag comes in nine color combinations.


  • The cart bag is not waterproof but can repel water for a while, like a sudden rain pour.

4. Izzo Ultra-Lite Cart Bag

On Sale
Izzo Golf Izzo Ultra-Lite Cart Golf Bag With Single Strap & Exclusive Features, Gray/Lime
  • Weight: 3. 8 lbs
  • Easy To Transport: Equipped with a Smartgrip handle that...
  • Exceptional Organization: Our golf club bags features a...

The Izzo brand may not sound familiar to many golfers, but it is one of the pioneers in the dual strap system. That strap system is now more common in other golf bags, like the Izzo Ultra-Lite Cart Bag. This ultra-light cart bag is ideal for beginners (men and ladies alike) because of its attractive design and low price.

The bag comes in color combinations, like blue/light blue; and grey/lime. In solid hues: like red and black. The bag is polyester with a Smartgrip handle for easy transport. The 14-way padded top has full-length dividers that protect and organize golf clubs the easy way.


  • The cart bag is one of the lightest bags at only 3.8lbs.
  • It is easy to transfer into vehicles, like trucks or SUVs.
  • It has six pockets for golf essentials like balls, towels, rain hood, etc.
  • The bag will fit most golf carts of any size.


  • The cart bag purchase does not include a shoulder strap.

5. TaylorMade Cart Lite Bag

On Sale
TaylorMade Cart Lite Bag, Black
  • ADDITIONAL FRONT FACING POCKET: Easier access and more...

One of the best golf bags to attach to any trolley or golf cart is the TaylorMade Cart Lite Bag. It is super light (weighs 5.5lbs without content) that even senior players would not have a hard time transferring it to a cart. The bag has 14-way top dividers to keep golf clubs organized and not overcrowded. It also has two micro-suede-lined valuable pockets to secure personal effects.

The pockets are water-resistant, where you can keep your mobile phone, wallets, keys, and other essentials. The simple construction of this art bag lets you keep your golf clubs and other golf accessories too handy.


  • The bag is 90% polyester, 7% plastic, and 3% metal.
  • It has eight pockets for extra storage of golf essentials.
  • A pocket includes an insulated cooler for drinks.
  • Also, there is a pocket for an oversized putter.


  • A bag stand is not in the purchase.
  • Some dividers are not full length.

6. Titleist Cart 15

Titleist - Cart 15 Golf Bag - Navy/White/Red
  • Integrated cart strap tunnel
  • 15 full-length dividers and dedicated putter well
  • Molded valuables pocket for extra protection

If you want an extra divider from the usual 14, the impressive Titleist Cart 15 got it! The cart bag is one of Titleist best-selling golf bags fit for a cart. The model comes in seven color combinations like navy/white/red, gray/citron/white, and black/black/red, among other colors.

The Cart 15 by Titleist has an integrated cart strap tunnel that adds protection to your essentials and other accessories. Additionally, unlike other durable golf cart bags, the Cart 15 has molded pockets that are larger.


  • The bag may stand alone even when fully loaded.
  • The cart bag provides two velour-lined main pockets for valuables.
  • The bag comes with two pen caddies and a big glove Velcro landing patch.
  • The bulkiness of this bag means it has more space for storage.


  • The charcoal/royal/black and gray/citron/white color combinations are more expensive than other blends.
  • The bag (weighs 9lbs.) is heavier than other bags.

7. RJ Sports Paradise 9" Deluxe Ladies Cart Bag

On Sale
RJ Sports PARADISE 9" Deluxe Ladies Cart Bag, Houndstooth, 9
  • 14 Way Full Length Dividers
  • 1 Large Cooler Pocket
  • 1 Oversize External Putter/Wedge Tube

Another cheaper option for a cart bag for lady golfers is the RJ Sports Paradise 9" Deluxe Cart Bag. The bag comes in three colors, such as Houndstooth, Palm Breeze, and the ladies' all-time favorite, Polk-a-dot. All color combinations have the same price.

The bag comes with a detachable strap for attachment to a golf cart or a trolley. It has 14-way full-length dividers to organize your golf clubs well. The RJ Ladies Cart Bag has a large cooler pocket for your drinks and other refreshments. The ladies will not have a hard time carrying the bag, even if the golf course is a hilly one.


  • The cart bag has a pencil, scorecard sleeve, and tee holders.
  • The front logo panel is removable if you want it for redesigning.
  • The golf bag features one big pocket for an oversized putter and wedge tube.


  • The package does not include a headcover.
  • This bag is heavier at 7lbs. compared to other brands.

8. MOTOCADDY 2021 Dry Series CART Bag

MOTOCADDY 2021 Dry Series CART Bag (Blue)
  • LIGHTWEIGHT GOLF BAG: Durable, lightweight golf cart bag...
  • WATER-TREATED NYLON: Constructed from water-wicking nylon...
  • EASY-CARRY HANDLES & STRAP: 2 easy-access, integrated grab...

Do you want your golf clubs and other accessories always dry? Well, the MOTOCADDY 2021 CART Bag is not far from this requirement. You see, once you are on the golf course, the weather may change abruptly! It may rain in heavy pour while you are in the middle of a shot.

However, the MOTOCADDY cart bag will protect your clubs and other valuables from a sudden downpour. It has 14 separate dividers (full length) for your golf clubs. Consequently, it comes with seven pockets, each with a zipper to protect your other golf things while playing. Lady golfers have the color choice for them: the fuchsia.


  • The pockets have zippers to ensure content.
  • The waterproof fabric is lightweight and always dry.
  • It has a rain hood that is also waterproof.
  • The cart bag comes in four colors: Blue, Fuchsia, Lime, and Red.


  • The dividers may entangle the clubs if they are not put accordingly.

9. Callaway Golf 2021 ORG 14 Cart Bag

Callaway Golf 2021 ORG 14 Cart Bag , White/Navy/Red Flag
  • New proprietary 14-way arched top optimizes access to clubs...
  • Individual full-length dividers and separate putter well...
  • 10 front facing pockets including an improved molded range...

The Callaway brand of golf equipment does not disappoint its customers, indeed! The brand keeps designing its products more sophisticated than the rest! It is like the Callaway Golf 2021 ORG 14 Cart Bag, which has a proprietary 14-way arched top. The design enhances your access to the clubs while they are on a golf cart or a trolley.

The bag comes at 6lbs. and has seven available colors, although not all have the same price. The full-length dividers have a separate one for a putter, which also has TPE extrusion-coating to protect the shaft. The bag has velour-lined valuable pockets with water-resistant zippers.


  • The club carrier has ten front-facing pockets with a molded range finder.
  • The bag bottom is a rigid and thick plastic mold that protects the content.
  • The bag cart strap is included and is attached pass-through for easy access to clubs.


  • The cart bag seems bulky, but the pockets are just sizeable than the others.
  • The navy/charcoal/white and black/shale/red color combinations are more expensive.

10. Callaway Golf 2020 ORG 7 Cart Bag

Callaway Golf 2020 ORG 7 Cart Bag Black/Red
  • 7 Way top with full-length dividers
  • 7 forward-facing pockets for easy access
  • Velour-lined valuables pocket with waterproof zipper front...

Another Callaway golf bag on our list is the Callaway Golf 2020 ORG 7 Cart Bag. However, this one has only seven dividers, which is ideal for beginner and amateur golfers. If you do not want to carry all the types of golf clubs while you are still learning the game, this bag is for you!

Moreover, the Callaway ORG 7 Cart Bag is lighter at 4.25lbs., one of the lightweight golf cart bags in the Callaway portfolio. The sleek and slim design of the ORG 7 will maintain your energy while practicing the game. The bag can stand on its own even when fully loaded because the bottom is a 10.8-inch diameter plastic mold.


  • The nylon bag has 7-way top dividers, which are full-lengths.
  • It also has seven front-facing pockets for valuables and an umbrella slot.
  • The golf cart bag comes in four color combinations.


  • The cooler pocket is small.

Best Golf Bags for Pushcarts – Buying Guide 

1. Longevity of use

When we talk about the longevity of a product, we mean durability! That is right! Golf is a long-term hobby or passion, so you better have a golf bag that lasts!

Some of the best materials for a golf bag are nylon and canvas or leather. The finish products commonly have plastic or metal for framing and as reinforcement. Pick the one that is more durable but lightweight: like the Callaway Golf 2021 ORG 14 Cart Bag.

2. Level of protection

Most golf cart bags are water-resistant, but not all are waterproof. Most golfers stop playing the game once the rain pours. The sudden rainfall may wet the golf clubs that will make them rusty if not dried sooner.

If you notice the TaylorMade Cart Lite Bag, it has 14-way top dividers to keep golf clubs organized and always dry. The cart bag also has two micro-suede-lined valuable pockets to secure other necessities. These are just some examples of protection provided by a golf bag.

3. Number of dividers/pockets

If you are a seasoned golfer that often joins tournaments, you surely need the standard 14 golf clubs. You need at least 14 dividers for a golf bag. The Callaway Golf 2021 Chev 14 Cart Bag might fit your needs.

However, if you are a young beginner or an amateur golfer, the Izzo Ultra-Lite Cart Bag is probably the one you need. This cart bag is lightweight, cheaper, and has 14 dividers with 13 pockets for valuables.

Are you just starting to play golf? If you want few golf club dividers, one of the best alternatives is the Callaway ORG 7 Cart Bag! You can find some of the women's best golf bags that are lightweight to carry with all clubs here.

4. Consider the straps and handles

Since a golf cart bag is for attachment to a golf cart, ensure the bag has durable straps. Take a look at the Titleist Cart 14 Lightweight Golf Bag. It is one of the best examples with a strap loop for a golf push cart or trolley.

5. The weight is essential.

The weight (without content) is one of the criteria that most seasoned golfers look for. There will be instances that you will carry your bag on a golf course.

Some of these occasions are flooding, hilly terrain, and other unforeseen causes: The ideal weight for a golf cart bag when empty is between 5 and 6lbs. But for beginner, lady, and senior golfers, lesser is better.

What Features to Look For in The Best Golf Bags for Pushcarts?

1. Where to use

If you want a golf bag specifically for a pushcart, consider the guidelines we have explained above. In addition, when shopping for a golf bag, consider how much storage space you need. For example, if you prefer playing 18 holes, maybe you need a sizeable golf cart bag with lots of pockets!

2. Better club arrangement

If you care about better club organization, consider a golf bag that could provide quick retrieval and return of all clubs. An organized golf bag protects your expensive golf clubs from scratches and other scuff marks.

3. The size always matters.

One of the best features to look for in a golf bag for a pushcart is the size. You can pick either a bulky one, where it has more dividers or pockets, or one that is sleek and streamlined.

How to Choose the Right Golf Bag for Push Carts

One of the best decisions when buying a golf cart bag for a pushcart is the compatibility between the two items. The bag should fit the pushcart securely. Moreover, think about the possible conditions that you may encounter on a golf course.

Ensure that the golf cart bag will not be a liability once you use it in tandem with a pushcart. The whole system must help you improve your game and not ruin it because of inadequate support from your golf bag.

Different Types of Golf Bags Explained

1. Staff or Tour bag

The tour bags are the golf bags used by professional golfers. It is the bag that caddies carry. These bags have the most volume that may weigh 10lbs. when empty but weigh more than 50lbs. when full.

2. Cart bag

The cart bag is smaller than the tour bag. It is the golf bag used for pushcarts or a trolley. The bag usually carries necessities in golf, such as clubs, tees, balls, gloves, and other valuables the golfers need. If empty, the bag usually weighs 5-6lbs.

3. Sunday or pencil bag

The smaller variant of a golf stand bag is the pencil (Sunday) bag. The bag is not water-resistant and contains gloves, golf balls, and a set of 14 golf clubs. It is easier to carry around the golf course because of its small size.

4. Stand bag

A stand golf bag has retractable fold-out legs that make the bag stand tripod-style. The stand allows the bag to be securely in place on the ground. In recent years, the golf stand bag undergoes a modern transformation where some varieties are weather-proof and have rigid internal reinforcement.

Read More: Best Golf Clubs for Tall Men With A Longer Shaft Length.


1. What kind of golf bag goes on a pushcart?

A stand bag may also fit into a pushcart aside from the cart golf bag. The stand bag is commonly used by removing the carrying straps and stands to have easy access to the clubs.

2. Can you use a cart bag with a pushcart?

The modern-day golf cart bags are now capable of fitting into a pushcart or a trolley. If you prefer movability inside the golf course or in transit, better to have a pushcart for ease of use.

3. Do you need a cart bag for a pushcart?

Yes. If you have a pushcart, it is better to put your cart bag into a more balanced and manageable weight.

4. Is a cart golf bag a must when using a pushcart?

Not necessarily. But if you have a heavier cart golf bag, it is advisable to use a pushcart. Moreover, it is easier to transport your golf bag with a pushcart. Once your energy is not used in carrying your golf bag, your game may improve.

5. Can I Carry My Golf Cart Bag?

Definitely yes! Most caddies in major tournaments and other games carry cart bags around the golf course.

6. Can Using A Cart Make Me Play Better?

Using the pushcart lessens your stress and tension if you continuously carry and lift 14 clubs into your shoulders. Moreover, if you do not use a pushcart your muscles will surely tire out. In return, you may not play well because of exhaustion. More so, you may not attain better shots.


Modern technology makes golfers play with ease on a sprawling golf course: Like the invention and innovation of golf bags. Golfers may grab the opportunity of making them more relaxed in the golf course to deliver the best shots.

For intermediate, seasoned, and professional golfers: the best golf bag for a pushcart is the all-time great Titleist Cart 14 Lightweight Golf Bag for men. Its praiseworthy features and the lower price make us jump for joy!

For ladies, the best to use is the RJ Sports Paradise 9" Deluxe Ladies Cart Bag.

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