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Best Golf Clubs for Petite Ladies That Want A Full Set That Fits

If you’re looking for the best golf clubs for petite ladies, then you probably already know that not all women’s golf clubs are of the same length. The Petite size is shorter than the standard size, which is shorter than men’s golf clubs. So that’s the ascending order of things in the department of golf clubs.

And the aspect that makes you applicable to using the following top recommendations is your height. When below 5 feet, 3 inches, you and your golf round are better off with a shorter set of clubs, such as these below

1. Wilson Women’s Complete Golf Set

No doubt, these are the best women’s petite golf clubs by Wilson. In comparison to sets manufactured by other brands, these golf clubs are much more comfortable and easier to swing. And this is just great news if you’re new to the game of golf. So your golf scores improve drastically and with minimal effort.

Even the Petite size works very well, not like other sets that claim to be an inch shorter but then they really aren’t.

Moreover, you get a high-loft driver with a massive sweet spot for boosting your ball flight while the deep and perimeter-weighted stainless steel irons, with their low CG, improve accuracy. There’s a lot to like indeed.

Key Features

  • Designed for women with lightweight graphite shafts
  • Lightweight, spacious cart bag with double padded shoulder strap
  • Driver is high-lofted, thus swing-speed-matched to promote distance
  • Wide-soled, low-weighted sand wedge improves greenside control
  • Deep, perimeter-weighted irons improve accuracy

2. Aspire PRO-X Ladies Womens Complete Golf Clubs

If below 5 feet, 3 inches, go ahead and buy these 1-inch shorter Aspire PRO-X Ladies Golf Clubs. But if you’re right at 5 feet, 3 inches, then please choose the standard size. However, we strongly believe that the fit of golf clubs also largely depends on your swing and address.

Moving on, you get the upper hand here because of the inclusion of industry-leading aerodynamics. You can also achieve more consistent distance and launch with the precisely-located CG. And on top of that, you know the golf clubs are made for women when they have lightweight graphite shafts.

Key Features

  • The perfect petite golf club set for beginners
  • Lightweight graphite shaft with Ladies shaft flex
  • Industry-leading aerodynamics technology increases speed and distance
  • Multi-material Tour Pride grips enhance the feel
  • Precisely located CG offers more consistent launch

3. Aspire XD1 Ladies Womens Golf Clubs

The XD1 set by Aspire is also a very suitable choice for beginners and petite ladies of course. This Petite size, no doubt, feels much more comfortable when your height is below 5 feet, 3 inches. All the golf clubs are well-engineered and well-constructed.

Furthermore, the Ladies flex in the shaft is the perfect deal for slower swing speeds. So there’s a lot of scope for improvement if you buy these Aspire golf clubs.

Key Features

  • Very forgiving set of golf clubs for petite women beginners
  • Lightweight graphite shaft maximizes clubhead speed
  • Large driver head promotes greater distance
  • Matching dual-strap golf bag also included

4. Callaway Women’s Solaire Complete Golf Set

If you’ve been struggling on the golf course for a while now, then it’s time to turn to Callaway. Women beginners simply love the Callaway Solaire Golf Set. Primarily because the driver here promotes surprisingly longer, straighter shots with maximum ease.

Every golf club, mind you, is lightweight. So you can generate the distance you’ve always had in mind ever since you started playing golf. You’re also the most likely to appreciate the golf bag that’s included. It’s designed with enough pockets, stands upright without the kickstand, and is very comfortable to carry.

Key Features

  • Petite golf clubs with lightweight graphite shafts
  • More forgiving cavity-back irons are included
  • Premium golf bag with lots of space and pockets

5. Cobra Golf 2019 Women’s XL Speed Complete Golf Set

Many golfers, both female and male, often start off with borrowed golf clubs. And to be honest, that does seem like a logical decision. But when you think it’s time to upgrade, then do consider buying this golf club set by Cobra, in the Petite size of course if you’re below 5 feet, 3 inches.

All the golf clubs are the easiest to hit because of their lightweight shaft design. In fact, the increased distance you get with every shot is also the best part. And so is the forgiving construction of the clubs. So it’s alright if you can’t hit the golf ball squarely, it still reaches your intended target.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-hit, lightweight golf clubs for petite women
  • Oversized driver clubhead delivers exceptional distance
  • Low back/heel weighting of fairway woods promotes higher shots
  • Cavity-back irons maximize forgiveness on mis-hits
  • 5-hybrid improves stopping power into greens

6. Tour Edge Moda Silk Womens 2020 Model

It’s a high-flying golf club set in the ‘Minus 1-inch’ size i.e. the Petite size for female golfers. The high-lofted, offset driver greatly contributes to hitting straighter, longer drives on a consistent basis. Its hot clubface, large clubhead, and huge sweet spot all combine to get you from the tee to the green the most effortlessly.

Even the fairway woods, with their low profile and oversized and offset design make way for easier launch. Rest assured, most of your off-center strikes are highly likely to transform into more accurate, higher shots.

Key Features

  • Very forgiving set of clubs for petite women golfers
  • High-lofted, offset driver enables straighter, longer drives
  • Deep, low CG irons improve accuracy
  • Ultra-light graphite shafts ideal for slower swing speed

7. Precise AMG Ladies Womens Complete Golf Clubs Set

It doesn’t matter how petite or short you are, if you’re a woman golfer, then you’re surely going to love these Precise AMG golf clubs. The set is available in both Regular and Petite sizes. But that’s not even the best part you know.

What we liked the most is the maximum forgiveness the irons and woods are equipped with. And you know what that means - straighter shots on a more consistent basis and with minimal effort.

Key Features

  • Extremely forgiving irons and woods for straighter shots
  • Incredibly comfortable grips
  • Lightweight graphite shaft suitable for a slower swing speed
  • Matching dual-strap golf bag also included

8. Precise M3 Ladies Womens Complete Golf Clubs Set

Yet another great set for beginners that doesn’t cost a fortune. Precise M3 actually has a lot in common with the previously reviewed AMG golf clubs. You get an exceptional combination of forgiveness and distance. Once again, all thanks to the aerodynamic technology of the woods and the ultra-forgiving construction of the irons.

Even the golf bag is plenty praiseworthy with its multiple pockets, great looks, grab handle, etc.

Key Features

  • Ultra-forgiving irons correct off-center shots
  • The aerodynamic wood design promotes longer distances
  • Lightweight graphite shafts for slower swing speed
  • Matching dual-strap golf bag also included

9. Palm Springs Golf Visa Lady Petite Hybrid Club Set

No doubt, these Palm Springs Golf Hybrid Club Set consists of golf clubs that are an inch shorter. Therefore, the perfect deal for petite ladies who are just learning the ropes of the game. Speaking of which, the oversized driver with its massive sweet spot produces straighter, longer shots even if you generate frequent mis-hits.

You get 2 hybrids, which replace those difficult-to-hit long irons. So you don’t have to dread your long approach shots or when it comes to getting out of tricky situations. Plus, these are all pure graphite shafts with Ladies shaft flex, thus easier to swing and generate higher clubhead speed.

Key Features

  • Petite size golf clubs with lightweight graphite shafts
  • Easier-to-hit hybrids replace difficult-to-hit long irons
  • Oversized 460cc driver for straighter, longer shots
  • Fairway wood with enlarged sweet spot maximizes forgiveness
  • Cavity-back irons for more consistent off-center correction

10. Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set

The best driver for women golfers is one that maximizes forgiveness, so you can generate extra distance. On that note, you’re highly likely to appreciate the largest 460cc driver that is a part of the Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set. It’s the low profile of the fairway wood as well that makes it much easier for you to launch your shots.

On top of that, you get 2 hybrids, which means not having to struggle with long irons anymore. And then there are the stainless steel irons outfitted with a wide sole for launching the golf ball out of the rough. Needless to say, the golf clubs feature lightweight graphite, Ladies flex shafts.

Key Features

  • Large 460cc driver maximizes forgiveness for more distance
  • Fly High, low profile 3 wood promotes an easier launch
  • Hybrid irons included, which are easier to hit
  • Lightweight designer golf cart bag with easy-grip lifting handle
  • Lightweight graphite shafts fit for slower swing speeds

Complete Guide for the Best Women’s Golf Clubs

1. Your Height

We have reviewed Petite size golf clubs for women in this article, right? So it’s only natural for you to take your height into account at the time of buying.

Is it between 4 feet, 10 inches and 5 feet, 3 inches? If yes, then a shorter shaft is right up your alley, which means the Petite size is perfect for you.

2. Golf Club Weight

When golf clubs are lighter, they pave the way for a higher clubhead speed and greater distance. And this goes a long way, quite literally, for beginner and senior golfers in general. And the thing that determines the weight is the shaft material. Speaking of which…

3. Shaft Material

Cut to the case, lightweight graphite shafts are better at enhancing clubhead speed, thus boosting distance. The majority of golf clubs for female players, since most of them have a comparatively slower swing speed than men, are outfitted with a graphite shaft. So you can hit the golf ball longer even with an average swing speed.

4. What’s In the Set?

An oversized driver with a large sweet spot to maximize forgiveness. Fairway woods for generating more distance in comparison to irons. Then come the hybrids that are so much easier to hit than long irons. Hybrids, in particular, are the most useful for beginners and seniors.

And lastly, don’t forget the scoring golf clubs, which are your wedges. It’s always a good idea to have 1-2 extra wedges in your golf bag for cutting some strokes around the green.

5. Budget

Does the price always determine the quality of the golf clubs? Well, to be honest, not necessarily. Because there are a few high-quality, highly reliable, and well-constructed clubs that don’t cost a fortune. But then these aren’t from top brands like Wilson, Callaway, Aspire, etc.

Taking into account that you’re buying a complete set, you could spend anywhere between $300 and $1200. After all, Petite size golf clubs for women are customized ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Difference Between Petite and Regular Ladies Golf Clubs

The only difference is the shaft length of course. The Petite size is an inch shorter than the standard size. The shaft length of the latter is 43 inches, which means that of the former is 42 inches.

So whenever you see “-1” printed on the golf club, know that it’s the Petite size.

Should I Get Petite Ladies Golf Clubs?

It’s highly advisable for women golfers with a height below 5 feet, 3 inches to choose Petite size golf clubs. Because when you’re shorter, it only makes sense to not pick the standard length, which is 43 inches.

So you should indeed buy petite ladies golf clubs if the current clubs you’re swinging are too long. Another clear warning sign includes erratic shots.

What Are the Best Golf Clubs for A Lady Beginner?

The most truthful and straightforward answer is golf clubs with a lightweight graphite shaft and Ladies shaft flex.

The former allows you to maximize your clubhead speed in order to garner greater distances. As for the latter, it provides that extra kick you demand through impact because of your slower swing speed. And this extra boost adds more clubhead speed and, ultimately, more distance.

Who Should Use Petite Golf Clubs?

If you’re shorter than 5 feet, 3 inches, then you should be using Petite ladies golf clubs. These are both lighter and shorter in comparison to golf clubs of the standard length.

How Tall Should Petite Golf Clubs Be?

Since the standard shaft length of golf clubs for women is 43 inches, the Petite length should be 42 inches. So that’s 1 inch shorter than the standard height of clubs.

Final Note

More and more women are taking to the fairway. So, needless to say, the percentage of Tour-level female players is also increasing. And that means brands like Callaway, Wilson, etc. have to up their game when it comes to providing women golfers with abundant, diverse options. One such option is choosing between Regular and Petite size golf clubs.

We have reviewed some of the best distance-boosting and game-improving golf club sets in the Petite size. So you can go through them once again just to pick clubs that suit your height, swing speed, personal preferences, and overall style of play.

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