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Best Women’s Golf Bags That Are Lightweight to Carry Even With All Clubs

To be honest, the topic of discussion is gender-neutral here, and not gender-biased. There’s no such thing as the best women’s golf bags being an extension of a woman’s handbag. Golf bags fall in the category of essential golf gear in the case of both women and men.

Instead, the topic of discussion is explaining to you why men’s and women’s golf bags aren’t the same. Much like how women’s golf clubs and those for men are not the same. Moreover, in this article, we have also reviewed top-selling golf bags manufactured by brands that we can call legends themselves.

So how about you get to know these top choices? You’ll find an amalgamation of all types of golf bags - including cart, stand, high-end, affordable, and more.

1. Glove It Women’s Golf Bag

The main reason for you to buy the Glove It Women’s Golf Bag is just how lightweight and easy to maneuver it is. The colors and patterns that the bag comes in are also very distinctive.

It’s a 14-way golf bag made of high-quality materials. You get 9 easy-access pockets with plenty of additional pockets to store your refreshments, umbrella, golf balls, etc. You’re highly likely to leave a review after purchasing this one saying how you would like to purchase it again.

Key Features

  • Stylish, lightweight 14-way top golf cart bag
  • 3 lift-assist handles enable easy mobility
  • Very accessible with pockets for valuables, golf balls, cooler, etc.
  • Available in a wide range of colors and prints

2. Sephlin Women’s Golf Bag

If what you need is a smaller golf bag that’s easy, quick, and convenient to get into an electric golf cart, then you can stop looking for it just about now. The Sephlin Women’s Golf Stand Bag is a 5-star product with its ultra-lightweight design and easy-carry, backpack-style straps.

The bag may not be able to hold a 14-piece golf club set, but the fact that full dividers are built keeps the few clubs it can hold from tangling. Plus, it’s a well-made product that’s sure to last for a very, very long time.

Key Features

  • Ultra-lightweight golf stand bag
  • Backpack-style straps ensure easy carry
  • 8 pocket divider with multiple additional pockets

3. Sun Mountain Ladies 4.5 Ls Stand Bag

Sun Mountain here has manufactured a mid-sized, lightweight golf stand bag specifically for women golfers that prefer both cart and carry. It has a double strap system that’s super-comfortable and also very easily adjustable for balanced, light carry.

It has cart-friendly components, such as a cart-friendly bottom, leg lock system, and cart strap pass-through to keep the bag secure.

Key Features

  • 4-way top golf stand bag for cart and carry
  • Easy-to-adjust E-Z Fit Dual Strap System
  • 3-layered strap construction offers carry comfort
  • Lift-assist panel in the lower pocket to make handling easier

4. Sun Mountain 2021 Women’s Diva Golf Cart Bag

Here is Sun Mountain’s latest creation, the 2021 Diva Golf Cart Bag for women. It has a very stylish visual appeal, in case that matters to you. But if the functionality is more important than anything, even then you’re not headed for any disappointments.

You’re looking at a 15-way top golf bag that features many pockets, even a rangefinder pocket just in case you own one of these best accurate rangefinders of 2021.

Key Features

  • 15-way top golf cart bag with full-length club dividers
  • Front-facing pockets enable easy accessibility on the cart
  • Built-in handles for easier loading/unloading
  • Dedicated putter compartment and rangefinder pocket also included

5. Birdie Babe Flower Power Pink Womens Golf Cart Bag

Women golfers who love bright colors and patterns are sure to love the energy of Flower Power Pink here. Birdie Babe has designed this 14-way top golf bag to be lightweight for easy carry and handling. And just so you know, the dividers are full-length. So you can organize your precious golf clubs the most efficiently.

As is the deal with most such branded golf bags, a separate putter compartment is integrated. So you don’t have to worry about the bag holding your golf clubs at all.

Key Features

  • Lightweight 14-way top golf cart bag
  • 3 full-length dividers for better organization
  • Extra pockets are right down the middle, not all over

6. Birdie Babe Womens Hybrid Golf Bag

A very lightweight and functional golf stand bag with plenty of compartments. It’s an incredibly sturdy hybrid golf bag in a beautiful color and print that many women golfers find quite appealing.

There’s a large insulated cooler pocket, a single carry strap, and a cart strap holder. So it’s not just the 8-way top that’s likely to grab your attention.

Key Features

  • 8-way top hybrid stand bag
  • Lightweight design, thus easy and convenient to carry
  • The cooler pocket is large and insulated

7. OGIO 2020 XIX Women’s Stand Bag

You buy and love this golf stand bag if you’re a petite woman golfer and struggle with lugging around your clubs on the turf. A lightweight bag like this, on that note, is sure to save the day. It’s got full-length dividers all the way from the top to the bottom. This means your precious golf clubs are nearly separated from the others.

Then the backpack-style straps are adjustable, which seems like a very useful feature in case you prefer carrying your golf clubs horizontally. So, overall, not a bad purchase after all.

Key Features

  • Golf stand bag with full-length dividers
  • Backpack-style straps are adjustable
  • Several compartments, kickstand feature, and protective cover

8. Hot-Z Golf Ladies 2.5 Cart Bag

Some find it the most convenient for recreational golfing while other women golfers praise it for its high functionality even in the case of golfing multiple times per week. So, no doubt, this is one of the best ladies golf bags in a bright and colorful design and many storage pockets.

It’s lightweight and fits great on a pushcart. And the 3 lift handles make the task of maneuvering the bag much more convenient and easier, that’s for sure.

Key Features

  • 14-way top golf cart bag with full-length dividers
  • 3 lift handles in 3 different places
  • Several zippered pockets included
  • Padded single carry strap features an elastic band for security

9. RJ Sports Paradise 9” Deluxe Ladies Cart Bag

With the inclusion of the cooler pocket and so many other pockets, this golf cart bag by RJ Sports seems like a very smart decision. There are separate golf club compartments that accommodate your clubs even with larger grips.

And the fact that the bag is also lightweight means it’s very easy to carry.

Key Features

  • 14-way top golf cart bag with full-length dividers
  • Large cooler pocket with several other storage pockets
  • The shoulder strap is well-padded, thus feels very comfortable

10. Ram Golf Lightweight Ladies Cart Bag

A well-made, lightweight ladies cart bag that’s also feature-packed, this Ram Golf creation is designed with 14-way dividers for proper golf club organization.

To be honest, most women golfers who buy the bag do it because they like to have individual slots for every club. So you would think it has a separate putter compartment, but it doesn’t. Nevertheless, this drawback doesn’t take away from the value or functionality of the bag.

Key Features

  • Lightweight 14-way top golf cart bag
  • Plenty of storage pockets for valuables, drinks, golf balls, etc.
  • Padded shoulder strap and quick-grab top handle

11. iBella Ladies Golf Cart Bag

Needless to say, it’s an attractive and affordable golf bag designed just for women golfers. Aside from the price and looks, you’re most likely to also appreciate the number of pockets on this thing. And the fact that it’s so light in weight, hence easier and more convenient to carry.

The bag is loaded with plenty of features to bring more convenience into the experience. Such as a padded carry strap, rubberized lift handles, velour-lined valuables pocket, insulated drinks compartment, and some more. For the money, it couldn’t get better than this!

Key Features

  • Quilted leather golf cart bag
  • 14 individual dividers and 8 zippered pockets
  • Padded carry strap and rubberized lift handles
  • Extra-large, front-position putter pit

12. Callaway Solaire Stand Bag

Nervous about buying a white golf bag, let us assure you that you shouldn’t be. The Callaway Solaire Stand Bag, even after a year of use, looks as good as new. After all, the manufacturer is none other than the renowned Callaway.

Comfortable, lightweight, and large - this golf bag is a very suitable choice for women. Because even though it has a 7-way top with plenty of storage pockets, the bag is lightweight to carry. Also, it’s the only one so far with a foam hip pad, which offers comfort and ventilation when you’re walking from one hole to the next.

Key Features

  • Lightweight 7-way top golf stand bag
  • Full-length dividers and sturdy nylon construction
  • XTT Fang Base technology stand system
  • Foam hip pad delivers superior carry comfort and ventilation

13. Majek Premium Ladies Golf Bag

Here’s another brand name that comes up in almost every such golf bag review article. The Majek Premium Ladies Golf Bag fits perfectly on pushcarts. It gives you a lot of room for storing whatever you might possibly need and more on the turf during your long, difficult round of golf.

The insulated cooler compartment, which is extra-large by the way, is the best part. But so is the padded single carry strap with an elastic band that you can use for securing the strap when it’s not in use.

Key Features

  • 14-way top golf cart bag made of durable nylon
  • Top-grade and lightweight design
  • Padded carry strap and dual utility lift handles
  • Zippered pockets include hydration and valuables compartments

14. Datrek DG Lite II Cart Bag

Why is this 15-way golf cart bag a good choice for women? Because every feature is set in place for nothing but comfort and convenience. Such as the soft-grip lift-assist handles and even the soft-grip oversized putter compartment.

Speaking of oversized, the insulated cooler pocket is a sure delight in case you like to carry refreshments for your round of golf. And with the grab handles at the top, getting the bag in and out of anything is also quick and easy.

Key Features

  • 15-way top golf cart bag with full-length dividers
  • Soft-grip lift-assist handles
  • Oversized putter well and cooler pocket
  • Forward-facing pockets for easy accessibility
  • Top-Lok technology for bag-to-cart attachment

15. Taboo Fashions Monaco Premium Ladies Golf Cart Bag

Available in eye-catching prints and colors, this Taboo Fashions Ladies Monaco Premium Ladies Golf Cart Bag is sure to receive many compliments. Maybe even more than your game does!

There are 7 zippered pockets for all the storage you might demand. But the most appealing aspect, no doubt, is how easy the bag is to lift even with all your golf clubs in it.

Key Features

  • 14-way top golf cart bag with full-length dividers
  • Lightweight construction with carry handle and shoulder strap
  • Insulated beverage compartment

Difference Between Women’s and Men’s Golf Bags

The only discernible difference between the two is the weight, at least for the most part. Women golf bags, more often than not, are smaller and more lightweight in comparison to those designed for men. Because the majority of female golfing enthusiasts are smaller and shorter than their male counterparts.

Then one of the very few major differences also include the color and pattern of the bag. Golf bags for women, on the whole, come in multiple bright and bold colors/prints. On the other hand, golf bags for men have a more conservative, classic design.

Apart from that, there really isn’t any difference in terms of important design features like the number of dividers, storage pockets, shoulder strap, carry handle, etc.

How to Choose Golf Bags for Women

Cart vs. Stand

Which one is better for women you might be wondering? Based on the reviews in this article, we highly recommend golf cart bags. So you can attach your bag to a golf or push cart whenever you want. Since these types of bags are bulkier with more storage space for your golf clubs and other accessories, the fact that they’re cart-friendly makes a huge difference indeed.

As for stand bags, they come with integrated legs that hoist your golf clubs for easy retrieval and return. Meaning your expensive clubs are kept away from the damp and dirty ground. So it’s all a matter of persona preferences.

You should also know that now there are golf stand bags with cart-friendly components. For example, a cart-friendly bottom, leg lock system, and cart strap pass-through to keep the bag secure.


This, no doubt, is the most crucial aspect when buying ladies-specific golf bags. It has to be lightweight, which means weighing 5 pounds or less. And once loaded with golf clubs, the bag, even then, should not be too heavy to carry.

Keeping the weight of the golf bag in mind, let us also bring to your attention that cart bags are heavier. So if weight is a major concern for you, then choose golf stand or carry bags only.

Number of Dividers

We have reviewed both 4-way and 14-way golf bags, and everything in between. So how many full-length dividers your bag should have depends on the number of golf clubs you carry.

Just so you know, the fewer the dividers, the more lightweight the golf bag is to carry. But if you’re the type of golfer, be it female or male, who wants her 7-iron to be stored in the 7-iron spot, then you’d be better off with more dividers. A greater number of dividers also makes way for better organization, no doubt.


Firstly, make sure the pockets are front-facing for easy accessibility. Secondly, there should always be an insulated beverage pocket, so you can carry your refreshments. And thirdly, other must-have pockets included are for storing your golf balls, valuables, rangefinder, and other essential and non-essential golfing gear.

If you carry heavy, then go for a higher number of pockets of course. Otherwise, as long as you get a cooler pocket, everything is perfect.

Carry Strap and Handle

Almost every golf bag here and everywhere else is designed with both shoulder straps and carry handles. The former is mainly a part of stand or carry bags, and not so much for cart bags.

Whatever the case, carry straps, be they backpack-style or shoulder, should be adequately padded, adjustable, and maybe even removable. This, needless to say, makes the experience way more comfortable and convenient.

As for the carry handles, some golf bags have more than just one. So you can pick up and put down the bag much more easily.


Yes, indeed, branded golf bags perform better in that they’re more lightweight, can take a rough beating without showing premature signs of wear and tear, and some of them are even affordable.

Some of the top brands include Callaway, Sun Mountain, Majek, Datrek, OGIO, Birdie Babe, Glove It, and more. These manufacturers design golf bags of the highest quality, so you don’t have to worry about durability either.

How to Organize Golf Bag?

The goal is to arrange your golf bag in such a way that retrieving and returning clubs are easy, hassle-free tasks. And all this without damaging their condition. So here’s how to go about it.

  • Organize your golf clubs by number and type first. Now, starting with the tallest clubs, place them far back. While the shortest ones come in the frontmost section. And the middle ones in the two middle dividers. Even though this applies to 4-way golf cart bags, you get the gist of it.
  • It’s now time to store the long irons (1-iron to 3-iron) and woods. These go into the behind compartment. Then the mid-irons (4-iron to 6-iron) in the left-side middle section and the short irons (7-iron to 9-iron) in the right-side middle section.
  • The front section is built to accommodate your putter and wedges. But if your golf bag has an individual putter slot, then even better.

This is how most golfers organize their clubs in golf bags. You also have all the additional pockets to store the most commonly used items like ball markers, spare golf balls, golf tees, and the like. Just make to store them in the most accessible front pockets if these are more frequently used.

Final Note

So now you know how a golf bag for men is different than the ones specially designed for women. Now we’re not implying that women cannot use men’s bags or vice versa. It’s just that golf bags for women are more lightweight, thus much more comfortable, convenient, and easier to carry.

Just decide wisely between choosing a golf cart bag and a golf stand bag. One is more spacious (i.e. cart) while the other is lighter (i.e. stand).

Then comes the matter of colors and prints. Golf bags for women, comparatively speaking, come in a wider range of colors and patterns. So if you have a liking toward purple, blue, or pink, then your chances of coming across a golf bag of your favorite color are quite high.

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