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Top 12 Golf Club Brands To Avoid: Know Why They Are The Worst (2022 Update)

Golf Club Brands To Avoid

We are sure that you will not like seeing your golf clubs fall apart in the middle of an exciting game! But what if you are not using clubs that most golfers are utilizing? Does it seem that you do not know more about golf club brands to avoid?

If you are looking for a new set of golf clubs and have mixed feelings about what to avoid, perhaps this article may help you.

We will guide you to the 12 golf club brands to avoid and tell you something about them. You may not have encountered the names of some brands or have not seen their products. Moreover, we will try to specify the model of the worst clubs because not all their models qualify as such!

What Kinds Of Golf Clubs To Avoid

Some of the most popular golf clubs are manufactured by respected brands, like Callaway, TaylorMade, Cobra, Wilson, and other reputable trade names. Here are some tips on what types of golf clubs you should avoid before giving you the specific brands.

1. Knock off Clubs

Some knock-off golf clubs may be worth your time and money, but the majority of them have inferior qualities. Knock-off clubs are those that look and function like the top clubs but have lower prices.

Knock-offs are made of cheap materials manufactured in countries with lax laws on counterfeiting. The clubs come cheap, break easily, and do not last long like other brands.

2. Cloned and Copycat Golf Clubs

These types of golf clubs are from legitimate businesses. The clone and copycat golf clubs, as the names suggest, are designed to look like the popular brands but with substandard qualities.

Clone clubs can save you a lot of money, but be ready for the worst consequences they may bring.

3. Component Clubs

The component golf clubs are those clubs that are built by professional or amateur club makers. The parts may be from new or second-hand premium brands or other brands that have similar dimensions. The quality may vary, depending on the skill of the assembler.

The component clubs are not illegal. But big brands do not want their clubs sold in parts. The risk falls on the assembled parts that do not have the same or near quality as the original.

Top 12 Golf Club Brands To Avoid

Here are 12 of the worst brands of golf clubs that most golfers want to avoid:

1. Yonex Graphite Driver

Yonex is a well-known Japanese brand that manufactures apparel and equipment for tennis, badminton, running, and golf. But it seems that the company golf clubs are not as well-known as expected. It may be because of pricing and the unacceptable feel.

The Yonex graphite driver costs as much as Callaway, but the quality lags far behind the latter. The Yonex golf clubs also lack performance compared to Callaway and other similar clubs.

2. Alien Golf Club

The Alien golf club, especially the wedge, is typically for less-skilled players to make them play out of the bunkers. However, the funny-looking club produced a raucous sound that irritates the ears.

3. Giga-Golf Club Brand

The Giga Golf clubs are another unknown brand that many golfers rarely heard of. However, for some golfers, the Giga brand is known for custom- and pre-built golf clubs that conform to the buyers’ specifications. You can find a driver of this kind at a reasonable price, but the quality is questionable among seasoned golfers.

One of the main problems with Giga Golf clubs is that they are not comfortably available at any given time. The rarity of the brand hampers many golfers in comparing the clubs to those that are common among players.


The Hammer X is one of those golf club brands that rely sales on its impressive advertising. The brand makes only drivers with odd designs that golfers find strange. Some of the things that make the drivers worst are their lack of feel, bad sound, and unappealing looks.

5. Bullet Hollow Point Driver

The Bullet Hollow Point Driver is one of the strangest-looking drivers that golfers find disgusting! But you cannot blame them because the brand’s engineering is “extraordinarily unique", says the Golf in the City of Sacramento. It is also one of those unknown golf club brands.

Similar to the Hammer X driver, the Bullet Hollow has an open-air design. Moreover, the USGA decides that the design is illegal and nonconforming.


The Axis Putter remarkably has qualities that some pro golfers prefer. Pros like Justine Rose switched to the brand in 2019. Golf starters and beginners may find the putter amusing in performance.

But the price is one of the main reasons that most golfers try to avoid this brand. An individual Axis Putter costs more than a complete set of golf clubs of other well-known brands. Additionally, many golfers are winning tournaments using putters with half the price of an Axis.

7. Ryoma Clubs

Did you hear about this brand? If not, you are not the only one. The Ryoma golf clubs are also a Japanese brand, but unlike Mizuno, they do not offer a better sound and the right feel. It is even worst in performance and looks. The high price is also an issue.

8. Yamaha

We hope that you already know that Yamaha manufactures motorbikes, boat engines, and musical instruments. But now, they are also engaged in making golf clubs. However, it seems that they do not fit into the industry.

Unlike other Japanese golf brands, Yamaha clubs have high-quality materials and performance. Unfortunately, the price is mind-boggling! A Yamaha individual driver sells for the same price of premium complete golf sets of other respectable brands.


Another Japanese golf club brand is on our list of worst golf clubs. This time it is the SEVEN golf club brand. But unlike the Ryoma, SEVEN got some looks, performance, feel, and higher quality. Some of the issues with the clubs include the hard-to-find sweet spot, extremely high price, and very unforgiving to play with.

10. Flip Face Odyssey Putter

Odyssey is one of the brands that many golfers own, especially putters. However, there is one awful Odyssey putter that we want you to avoid. It is the Flip Face Odyssey Putter. Although the Flip Face has most of Odyssey's modern features, it is one of the worst putters you will ever own!

The design has a face that you could "literally' flip over to give you either a firm or soft putter clubface. For many seasoned golfers, the design is useless and will not provide any necessary features.

11. Precise Golf Club 

Precise is one of the golf club brands that you have to avoid! We are not talking about the price but the clubs' questionable qualities. Most users found out later that most Precise golf clubs have substandard materials and wear out quicker than other brands.

12. Nike SQ 5900 Iron

Most golfers consider the Nike SQ 5900 Iron as one of the worst drivers ever! How can they make mistakes if the design and shape of this driver connote a tortoise back? Moreover, the club produces a bad sound that is not favorable to many golfers.

Top Rated Golf Clubs Brands You Can Trust

1. Callaway Golf Club

Callaway started making golf clubs in 1982. In 1986, the brand became the first to use computer-run milling machines in manufacturing golf equipment. The brand became a household name in the game of golf in the 1990s.

The quality in golf clubs unlocks many Callaway features. The brand is beginner-and expert golfers-friendly because its clubs are easy to use. The golf club's impressive accuracy with maximum launch and forgiveness makes the brand the preferred choice of many golfers.

Top Rated Callaway Golf Clubs You Can Trust

2. Wilson Golf Club

The Wilson golf clubs are some of the most respected in the industry. It features long-lasting and high-quality golf clubs at affordable prices. You can buy Wilson golf clubs in sets or individually.

The company has been in the business of producing top-of-the-line golf clubs since 1914. Since the 1970s, Wilson has been involving in sponsoring golf tournaments both for amateurs and professional golfers.

Top Rated Wilson Golf Clubs You Can Trust

3. TaylorMade Golf Club

One of the most reliable and trusted golf club brands is TaylorMade. The brand gives more golfers the opportunity for better performance in the golf course. The golf clubs by TaylorMade have some of the most impressive performances with simple designs.

The company started making golf clubs in 1978. In 1979, the USGA declared that TaylorMade clubs were conforming and being played on the PGA Tour. Since then, its golf equipment became part of most amateur and pro tournaments.

Top Rated TaylorMade Golf Clubs You Can Trust

What To Look For When Shopping For A Good Golf Brand?

Are you a beginner golfer and want to pursue the passion long-term? It is better that you buy a complete set of golf clubs. But you do not need to buy top brands. As your first golf club, we recommend buying a beginner set of golf clubs.

The set may include a driver, a 3 wood, a putter, and odd-numbered irons (like the 3, 5, 7, and 9). For intermediate and experienced golfers: can start building up a set of golf clubs based on their skills. More experienced golfers should consider the top brands and the latest models to hone their skills.

Read More: 7 Best Golf Drivers of All Time.

Are you a beginner? If you are still wondering how to hold a golf club correctly, watch this video!


1. Which golf club brand is best for beginners?

The best golf clubs for beginners are not hard to find. There are a lot of golf clubs for beginners in the market today. One is the Wilson Men and Teen Complete Golf Set for men and the STRATA Women Golf Packaged Sets for women. Both are ideal for budget-conscious individuals.

But if you prefer a more sophisticated golf set, try the Callaway Golf Men Strata Complete Set. The price is also quite affordable.

2. What is the best golf club set brand?

Choose among Callaway, Wilson, and TaylorMade golf club sets. They are currently the leading brand for golf club sets. Moreover, other respectable brands like Cobra, Titleist, Ping, Cleveland, and Mizuno are making a name in the high-end market.

On the other hand, some of the top brands in golf club sets with lower prices include Pinemeadow, LAZRUS, and MAZEL.

3. What are the best cheap golf clubs?

The Callaway Strata series of golf club sets is one of the cheapest among the well-known brands. The Wilson golf club sets are also a top choice. The Pinemeadow golf club sets are becoming a prime choice among intermediate golfers that come cheaper than the two top brands.

4. Do bad golf clubs make you a bad player?

Experts believe that you are going to get bad at golf if you have an inadequate swing and poor equipment. As a rule of thumb, you have to improve your skill, and at the same time pick the right golf club for your capability.

5. What golf clubs are most forgiving?

Some of the most forgiving golf clubs are the Callaway Big Bertha, TaylorMade Sim Max Irons, and the Wilson Staff D9.


Although premium brands also have their worst clubs, these are just a small percentage of their total inventory. These findings tell of the specific model of the brand and not the entire catalog of the golf club brand.

This article is being responsible for telling you of the golf club brands to avoid! Now that you know what golf clubs you should keep away from, you have an idea of the worst golf clubs ever made!

We do not intend to disgrace or malign these brands; we are just being sensible in telling you the truth. And nothing but!

Written by Chuck Bennell

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