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Top 10 Longest Golf Balls That Are USGA-Approved for Distance

A deep insight into the best longest golf balls reveals just how they’re capable of delivering extra distance. You also get to understand how brands like TaylorMade, Callaway, Titleist, Bridgestone, etc. have manufactured golf balls that have been compressed adequately to maximize distance.

So if your only concern during your round of golf is distance, then you absolutely should go through the reviews section below. And know that not every long-distance golf ball is designed the same way.

1. Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls, White, (One Dozen)
1,654 Reviews
Titleist Velocity Golf Balls, White, (One Dozen)
  • Longer Distance
  • Extremely Low Long Game Spin
  • Greater Iron Stoppability

Sometimes what happens is golf balls that travel farther become very difficult to control. So, at such times, your game could benefit a great deal from golf balls that boost distance as well as give back the control you demand. But, to be honest, it’s the increase in distance that you might appreciate more.

What you’re also the most likely to appreciate is the fact that the golf ball doesn’t spin back off the green whenever you hit your iron to the green. Plus, you can choose from a wide range of easy-to-follow colors.

Key Features

  • Specifically made for longer distance and higher flight
  • New, larger LSX core delivers higher speed
  • Extremely low spin on long game
  • Available in easy-to-spot colors

2. Bridgestone Golf e12 Soft Golf Balls

On Sale
Bridgestone Golf e12 Soft Golf Balls, White
2,889 Reviews
Bridgestone Golf e12 Soft Golf Balls, White
  • Active Acceleration Mantle: e12 SOFT features the Active...
  • Delta Dimple: The e12 SOFT utilizes Bridgestone’s patented...
  • Country Of Origin : United States

If senior golfers have nothing but praises to shower on these Bridgestone golf balls, then you know that the brand has done something right. The brand here, perhaps, has done many things right actually. They decided to include an Active Acceleration Mantle and Delta Wing Dimple design. The former is for greater initial velocity and the latter for smoother airflow.

The construction is such that golfers with a slower swing speed are the most likely to benefit in the form of generating straighter distances.

Key Features

  • 3-piece golf balls offer a softer feel
  • Active Acceleration Mantle increases initial velocity to boost distance
  • Softer, more forgiving core for less long game spin
  • Delta Wing Dimple pattern optimizes flight and reduces drag

3. Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls White, One Dozen
2,417 Reviews
Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls White, One Dozen
  • Optimized for even longer distance
  • Lower Ball flight trajectory
  • Excellent green grabbing control

Why buy Vice Pro Plus? Simply because these 4-piece golf balls have been optimized to produce extraordinary distance. And also because of the addition of the brand’s exclusive S2TG (Stick to the Green) technology. This gives you remarkable green-grabbing control.

Then there’s the urethane cover for excellent spin and feel. Ultimately, your drives and iron shots are sure to travel longer than your average distances.

Key Features

  • Softest feeling, longest hitting 4-piece golf balls
  • Double casing reduces ball flight and increases distance
  • Urethane cover and S2TG technology provide greater control

4. TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Ball

On Sale
TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Ball, White
165 Reviews
TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Ball, White
  • The Pure Distance Ball
  • Mid to high handicap golfers
  • 2 piece, 342 dimplle, IOTHANE cover, 60 ball compression

Distance is great, price is great - isn’t that the perfect combination? If your answer is yes, then how about taking into some serious consideration these Distance Plus Golf Balls by TaylorMade. Ideal for mid-handicap to high-handicap golfers indeed.

On top of that, these are legal, USGA-conforming golf balls. That you can, quite effortlessly, hit straight without breaking the bank.

Key Features

  • 2-piece golf ball construction produces a greater distance
  • Ionthane cover ensures a soft feel
  • Low compression for golfers with a slower swing speed
  • Designed for mid to high handicappers

5. Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls

Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls (White ),12 pack, Prior...
15,851 Reviews
Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls (White ),12 pack, Prior...
  • The Callaway super soft is a long, straight distance ball...
  • An ultra low compression core promotes fast ball speed and...
  • New Low Drag HEX Aerodynamics are optimized to reduce drag...

If consistency is your biggest concern as an average golfer, then turn your attention to Callaway. The brand has manufactured Supersoft for nothing but to improve the consistency, distance, and everything else of your tee shots.

Furthermore, these golf balls are available in colors like yellow, matte green, matte orange, etc. Meaning colors that are easy to follow and spot, thus losing golf balls becomes a thing of the past.

Key Features

  • Super-soft golf balls made for straight, long shots
  • Ultra-low compression rating improves accuracy and ball speed
  • HEX aerodynamics minimize drag to maximize lift and distance
  • Trigonometry cover enhances greenside control and feel

6. Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls

On Sale
Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls, Prior Generation, White (One...
936 Reviews
Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls, Prior Generation, White (One...
  • Category leading soft feel
  • Commanding distance
  • Advanced short game control

Slow swingers and high handicappers in the game of golf are always on the lookout for different ways to make it easier for them to gain extra yardages. Enter Titleist Tour Soft, which is made for delivering terrific distances. The ball just leaps off the clubface and travels straight off the tee. Even the stopping power on the green is amazing.

But then you have to pay a little extra for this. So if you’re okay with that just so you can achieve a consistent ball flight and penetrating trajectory, then why not!

Key Features

  • Largest core for high ball speed and responsive feel
  • Ultra-thin cover generates short game control
  • Spherically-tiled dimple pattern improves trajectory and ball flight

7. Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball

On Sale
Long Distance High-Durability Golf Balls (15PK) All...
2,175 Reviews
Long Distance High-Durability Golf Balls (15PK) All...
  • SUPER REACTIVE 2 PIECE TITANIUM CORE tournament construction...
  • HIGH VELOCITY LONG DISTANCE The aerodynamic and symmetrical...
  • VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE cut-proof cover is constructed of...

It’s so rare to come across distance golf balls that are USGA-approved. Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Balls, unlike illegal golf balls, conform to USGA rules. They’re designed for players of all levels, including beginners of course.

As for boosting distance, the symmetrical, aerodynamic dimple pattern takes care of that aspect by reducing drag and increasing lift. And the 2-piece, super-reactive titanium core construction also delivers explosive distance through maximum energy transfer and less spin. A high-velocity golf ball indeed, and at a good price no less.

Key Features

  • 2-piece golf ball construction for greater distances
  • The super-reactive core enables maximum energy transfer
  • Symmetrical, aerodynamic dimple design lowers drag and increases lift
  • Dupont Lithium Surlyn cover is highly resilient, thus virtually indestructible
  • Highly visible orange color

8. Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Golf Ball

Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Golf Ball (15-Pack), White
509 Reviews
Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Golf Ball (15-Pack), White
  • 15 in a package
  • Advanced two-piece construction
  • One year warranty

Wilson Ultra 500 is all about the long - this is what the brand claims. And does it make good on its promise? If not, then these golf balls wouldn’t have made it to our top list. The golf balls feature a high-energy core that is responsible for higher initial launch and maximum ball roll, no matter the conditions.

Just the fact that this golf ball has a 2-piece construction is enough to believe that it’s made to promote faster ball speeds.

Key Features

  • 2-piece construction automatically boosts distance
  • The cutproof cover ensures ultimate playability
  • High-energy core maximizes initial launch and ball roll
  • Perfect for beginners to improve swing speed

9. Vice Golf Pro Plus 2020 Golf Balls

On Sale
Vice Golf PRO Plus 2020 | 12 Golf Balls | Features: 4-Piece...
279 Reviews
Vice Golf PRO Plus 2020 | 12 Golf Balls | Features: 4-Piece...
  • 4 Piece cast urethane cover ball construction with...
  • Designed for golfers with high swing speeds with highest...
  • Outstanding driver distance and spin control

You’re now looking at 4-piece golf balls that are way more affordable than the brand’s Pro V1 version. But they go as long as Pro V1, that’s for sure.

But, mind you, the ball might feel a bit hard in case your swing speed is below average. However, getting used to it is not such a big concern. Even so, you should know that Vice Pro Plus is more suitable for golfers with a higher swing speed.

Key Features

  • 4-piece golf balls offer the longest distance and softest feel
  • High wedge spin and low driver spin
  • Newly designed alignment line improves aiming
  • Available in easy-to-spot white and neon colors

10. Volvik 2017 DS55 Golf Ball

Volvik 2017 DS55 Golf Ball (One Dozen)
158 Reviews
Volvik 2017 DS55 Golf Ball (One Dozen)
  • Dual Spin 55- Compression
  • Maximum distance provided by new highly elastic power core
  • Low initial driver spin creates extremely accurate flight...

When golfing during the colder months of the year, it’s likely that the colder air gets in the way of compressing your golf ball. So then how can you possibly expect to maintain distance when golfing in winter? You can do that simply by purchasing ultra-low compression golf balls, such as the current ones we’re reviewing.

These are not just easier to hit but they also prevent the loss of distance. And it’s all because of the lower compression rating.

Key Features

  • High-elastic Power Core maximizes distance
  • Low initial spin on driver improves ball flight
  • High spin on wedge promotes better spin around the greens
  • Ultra-low compression produces longer shots

What Is the Longest Golf Ball?

If we had to narrow it down based on features, then golf balls with an ultra-low compression rating are the longest. Even those equipped with aerodynamics minimize drag, which increases lift to carry the ball longer.

Now let us also bring to our attention that the answer forces us to take into account both control and distance. Because what’s the use of the longer carry distance if the golf ball is missing greens, right?

On that note, there are plenty of golf balls that benefit your game in both ways. So you don’t have to let go of accuracy just because you want to hit longer. At such times, the ultra-low compression core we mentioned earlier seems like the best choice as it improves accuracy as well as promotes a faster ball speed.

Most Important Factors That Matter When Buying A Golf Ball for Distance

1. Type of Construction

If boosting distance is your biggest concern, then choose 2-piece golf balls. This type of construction consists of a large core and an external layer. The fewer the layers, the better it is for golfers who want to produce longer shots. Because more layers add more spin, which means shorter carry distance.

But then you can choose 3-piece and 4-piece golf balls for your distance goals as long as these have a lower compressing rating and an aerodynamic dimple pattern.

2. Compression Rating

It’s simple logic - high compression demands a faster swing speed to make the golf ball go long. And low compression is more suited for golfers with a slower swing speed, so they can achieve the longest distance the most effortlessly.

So how low should the compression be? A compression rating of 70 and below ranks as low, thus is the most ideal for boosting swing speed and distance.

3. Spin

How does the spin of the golf ball affect the outcome of the shot? With low-spin balls, it’s easier to get the ball to fly straighter. Low spin may not necessarily generate longer shots, but the absence of spin does indeed increase the roll of the golf ball when it lands on the turf.

So look for features that minimize spin, such as 2-piece construction.

4. Outer Surface/Cover

Let’s compare now - urethane cover vs. Surlyn cover. The former may be softer but it leads to a higher spin rate, which means urethane is a more suitable choice for experienced golfers who enjoy having this control over their wedge and iron shots because of their faster swing speed. So it doesn’t matter if they lose some distance because of the higher spin.

On the other hand, Surlyn golf balls are the best for distance and distance alone. Not only does Surlyn spin less, but it’s also more durable than urethane.

5. Dimple Pattern

The depth and number of dimples affect the golf ball flight in that they determine the drag and lift potential only to maximize the distance potential. An aerodynamic dimple pattern, no doubt, performs this task quite neatly. It reduces drag and increases lift for boosting distance.

Dimples take the ball farther and farther, this is for certain. So does that mean the absence of dimples is bad news? Without dimples, your golf ball trajectory is much lower. But then it also rolls out a longer distance.

6. Trajectory

Is a higher trajectory always beneficial when it comes to gaining extra distance? Not when the weather is windy. Because, at such times, wind interferes with the elevated trajectory and leads to a short bouncing stop at the time of landing.

Then there are distance balls that generate a low trajectory as well. But these should be designed with aerodynamics for reducing drag and producing a steady descent.

So, as is evident, it’s based on your golfing skills and style of play. Along with your priorities.

7. Soft Feel

When using softer golf balls, you get access to better workability and feel around the greens. But for distance, harder balls are more likely to live up to your expectations. But that’s only if you can produce a faster swing speed. Otherwise, stick to the softer construction of golf balls.

In our opinion, it all actually depends on your golfing skills and personal preferences. There are a few golf balls that fly longer, a few that give you better feedback of your shot, and those that are easier for you to hit with greater backspin.

And one last thing before we move on. The harder the golf ball, the longer the distance. How is that you ask? Harder balls bounce back the farthest.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Golf Ball for Distance?

Golf balls with an ultra-low compression rating help golfers with a slower swing speed to gain extra yardages. So these are the best ones for beginners and seniors. But the best distance golf ball for those who swing fast is a high-compression ball.

Do Soft Or Hard Golf Ball Travel Farther?

You’re asking the wrong question here because this particular factor does not determine the carry distance of your golf ball. It’s actually the compression rating. The feel, whether soft or hard, has more to do with greenside control.

Do Low Compression Golf Balls Go Longer Than High Compression Golf Balls?

Golfers with a slower swing speed can indeed boost their distance potential with a low compression rating. But if your swing speed is fast enough, which is the case with more skilled players, then maximum distance is achieved with high compression golf balls.

What Is the Longest Illegal Golf Ball?

All the golf ball recommendations shortlisted in our reviews section are legal and USGA-conforming. So if you want to know what is the longest illegal golf ball, then check out our list of the Top 7 Illegal, Non-Conforming Golf Balls.


So if you want your golf ball to travel much longer than your average distance, then be ready to experiment.

And the good news here is that not all of our top choices are expensive. Many of them, despite being manufactured by renowned brands, are quite affordable. Because you may want to experiment with a few golf balls just to strike the perfect balance between distance and accuracy.

Choosing golf balls is not an easy task, and we understand that very well. And that is why our buying guide section is well-researched. It lists all possible factors that contribute to carrying the ball farther and even straighter with the most amount of accuracy.

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