10 Best 2 Irons: Ultimate Buying Guide and Review 2022

The 2 Irons, also known as driving irons or utility irons, are seldom seen in the bags of beginners and amateur players. However, more tournament pros carry these irons for extraordinary situations inside the golf course.

The 2-irons are hard to hit, like other long irons. But you can utilize them in different ways. If you learn to use the 2-irons to your advantage, the results might get you to the top!

We will tell you more about the 2-iron, but first, know the ten best 2-irons currently in the market today.

10 Best 2 Irons- Reviews 2022

1. LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons Individual or Golf Irons Set for Men (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW) or Driving Irons (2&3)

One of the iron brands with the lowest price range is the LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons that come individually or in a set. You can even choose right or left-hand orientation with a steel shaft. Beginners will find these “top” golf irons at par with other utility irons at mid-range prices.

The LAZRUS golf irons are comparable in shape to Big Bertha of Callaway. This iron provides consistency and flexibility for golfers with developed skills. The set may include two driving irons or a 7-piece iron set.


  • The irons come in regular flex golf clubs.
  • The deep grooves create spin and control.
  • The driving irons are ideal for golfers with modest clubhead speed.
  • The custom LAZRUS grip provides control and consistency.


  • The irons have a heavy shaft.
  • Not recommendable for slow-speed golfers.

2. TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons

If you want a straighter ball flight and accuracy with lots of forgiveness, TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons always do the trick! These irons also provide explosive distance despite their thin clubface. Do you want to know the secret? It is the revolutionary and TaylorMade patented Speed Bridge Tech.

The SIM MAX Irons feature the Progressive Inverted Cone Technology (PICT) enhancing the sweet spot, thereby minimizing the sidespin on miss-hits. But there is more advanced tech the SIM MAX has that others do not have. The ECHO Damping System is another. This technology eliminates grating vibrations at impact.


  • The ECHO Damping System also provides a better feel.
  • The SIM MAX also has an Ultra-Thin Face delivering utmost ball speed.
  • The Speed Pocket tech provides maximum face flexibility.
  • The irons come in combination titanium, black, and blue colors.


  • Beginners or amateur golfers may not comprehend the high-tech designs.

3. Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Individual Iron

Another high-end brand on our list is the Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Individual Iron. It is one of the Callaway irons that belong to the Mavrik family with brilliant A. I. (Artificial Intelligence) technology to enhance the performance of golfers.

The Mavrik Golf 2020 Iron head profile suits a wide range of handicaps. But what happened with each face getting the A. I. treatment? You can have a better launch, spin, and performance when using this iron. It is also one of the most forgiving irons in its category. The 360-Face Cup technology is also present on this iron. The club has a 36-degree loft.


  • The shaft material is lightweight graphite.
  • The urethane microspheres reduce unwanted vibrations.
  • The golf club is a known game improvement iron.
  • The face is so unique in design it boosts ball speed significantly.


  • The moderate head shape may not suit beginners.

4. TaylorMade SiM 2 Max Iron Set Men

The TaylorMade SIM 2 Max Irons will probably change the way you play on the fairway. This iron set is for fast and more forgiving performance helping every golfer make better scores.

The SIM2 Max irons feature an all-new Cap Back design that involves high-strength stainless steel combined with the lightweight polymer in the back. It is different from a cavity-back or muscle-back iron but maximizes distance, forgiveness, and feel with a low center of gravity.

The new design is more flexible because of an increase in the size of the sweet spot. It became possible due to the application of the Progressive Inverted Cone Technology (PICT).


  • These irons have a new clubface design, which is more forgiving than the old versions.
  • The sweet spot is 40% larger than previous models.
  • The clubs are using the Fast Forgiving Face technique for enhancing golfers’ performance.
  • The Echo Damping System minimizes harsh vibrations upon impact.


  • The ultra-thin face may not suit beginners.

5. TaylorMade 2020 SIM UDI

TaylorMade irons continue to fascinate golfers of all ages and skills. Like the TaylorMade 2020 SIM UDI that has a graphite shaft with alloy steelhead. The SIM UDI (Ultimate Driving Iron) has a similar construction as the SIM DHy (Driving Hybrid), but the former has a thin topline, thin sole, and less offset.

The design does not end there! The SIM UDI has a pass-through Speed Pocket in the sole. However, its hollow head cavity has the standard Speed Foam improving soundness and speed. Unlike other premium golf clubs, the SIM UDI has an adjustable loft. The iron offers less spin and increased accuracy.


  • The neck of the SIM UDI is bendable: a fitter can adjust the loft up to 2 degrees.
  • Players will have the option of keeping the ball below the wind when using the club.
  • The golf club utilizes the Inverted Cone Technology (ICT) for explosive ball speed.
  • The ICT also provides a wide sweet spot.


  • One of the priciest irons.
  • The back flange hides from view.

6. Callaway Golf 2021 Apex DCB Individual Iron

The new Apex DCB 2021 by Callaway seems a cut above the rest. The iron allows more players to experience the Apex design series of Callaway than ever before. The new Apex DCB is one of the most forgiving forged iron weaved ever made by Callaway. The club has a deep cavity-back design with an enhanced sole.

The Apex DCB (Deep Cavity Back) delivers the look, feel, and performance of a forged players club: It gives you an impressive easy launch with solid turf interplay. The iron carries the Callaway’s A. I. (Artificial Intelligence) face architecture giving you impressive distance and more control in each swing.


  • The iron has the look, feel, and performance of a forged players club.
  • The Apex DCB has an extreme level of forgiveness.
  • The iron imposing features will give you confidence in every play.
  • The head has a tungsten-infused energy core for the highest launch.


  • The iron is not recommendable for low handicappers.

7. Wilson Staff Model Utility Men Golf Irons - Graphite, Right Hand

Do you ever wonder if an iron will give you more confidence at play? Why not try the Wilson Staff Model Utility Men Golf Irons? If you are not adept with hybrids or fairway woods, the hollow body of Wilson Staff may help you enhance your performance. This utility iron delivers higher launch, forgiveness, and distance for high and mid handicappers.

The clubface of this driving iron is quite a stir for many golfing enthusiasts in that it boosts their confidence whenever at play. The golf club has a stiff flex with an 18-degree loft and a graphite shaft. The seven grams of weight in the clubhead is in the lowest position, making the iron more forgiving and easy to hit.


  • The Wilson Staff may solve your long-time iron problems.
  • The hollow head increases the launch angles providing the needed distance.
  • The lightweight but durable shaft makes the iron more playable.
  • The low center of gravity makes the iron easier to swing.


  • Not for beginners.

8. Srixon Golf- ZX Utility Iron

The silver Srixon Golf- ZX Utility Iron is one driving iron that inspires advanced players in attacking the course. The blade-type feature of ZX makes it compact and sleek that gives more forgiving with maximizes ball speed. The utility iron comes in three lofts: 18, 20, and 23 degrees, where you can choose the perfect one for your skills.

The enhanced distance is due to the club’s COR (coefficient of restitution) transferring sizeable energy once you hit the ball. The base of the head of ZX Utility Iron has a lower center of gravity provides a higher launch. More players admire the soft feel and less vibration of this driving iron. It is because of the forged 1020 Carbon Steel on its body.


  • The backside of ZX has a milled pattern that maximizes COR.
  • The clubface is hollow, which enables more forgiveness and distance control.
  • The price of this driving iron is mid-range.
  • The clubface has forged SUP10 that enhances speed and distance.


  • The sleek head may not suit beginners on several attempts. You might need more practice.

9. 2020 Cobra Golf King One Length Utility Iron

More accomplished golfers ditch out using hybrids because most of these clubs fly high with excessive spin. One of their preferred clubs is the 2-iron 2020 Cobra Golf King One Length Utility Iron. When Cobra introduced the King Utility Irons, many hybrid enthusiasts switched to these irons. One possible reason is the unique MyFly8 feature.

The MyFly8 features an adjustable hosel mechanism. The attribute is common in drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids but very rare in irons. The trait allows golfers or fitters to adjust the position of the hosel from one to eight settings. One of these settings is reducing or adding the degree of loft.


  • The hosel settings only need a torque wrench for adjustment.
  • One of the settings could make the iron hit shots with simplicity.
  • The iron comes with standard Cobra Connect, an Arccos-powered, shot-tracking sensor in the grip.
  • The One Length version has 37.5 inches of the shaft.


  • No other length of the shaft is available.

10. Callaway Golf 2018 Men X Forged Utility Individual Iron

If you want forged precision and performance, you might be looking for the Callaway Golf 2018 X Forged Utility Individual Iron? You can compare it with the Taylormade P790 UDI, another forged iron that delivers precision. The Callaway X-Forged has a 360-Face Cup that corrects off-center hits and still provides more control and forgiveness.

The forged design allows the center of gravity to position precisely on the clubhead that delivers ball speed and straightens your shot. The iron also has advanced tungsten-infused inserts of the head to provide long carry and easy launch. The inserts increase the moment of inertia (MOI) for easy control of the shots. If you are overwhelmed by its price, think about the expertise that the iron may bestow on your performance.


  • The hollow body corrects the shot when you hit low on the clubhead.
  • The individual iron comes in left & right-hand configurations.
  • The iron provides versatility off the tee delivering lesser curves on ball flight.
  • Its hollow body also adds more forgiveness in a conventional long iron shape.


  • One of the most expensive individual driving irons.

Best 2-Irons - Buying Guide

1. Swing speed

Your swing speed will determine if you need to add 2-Irons to your bag. It will also give you a clue as to what shaft weight and flex you should seek. If you have a below-average swing speed, we regret to say that you do not need a 2-Iron.

It is recommendable to get the most benefits of using a 2-iron: a player must have average swing speed. But if you do not have the average speed rate right now, you can keep on practicing until you gain it. An adequate swing speed is needed to squeeze the ball at impact to achieve the trajectory and distance.

2. Shaft

Handling a good golf club is through its shaft. Most amateur golfers are not aware of this. But you need to use the correct shaft to enhance your performance. The 2-iron is well-known as a stubborn hitter, but with the appropriate swing, clubhead size, and shaft: you might be going for better performance.

You can choose between graphite and steel shaft. Also, pick between heavy and lightweight shafts: the one that could fit your body frame. The shaft flex also matters. You can select stiff, regular, senior, and other flexes corresponding with your swing speed.

If you want to know the shaft corresponding to your swing speed, please look at this chart.

3. Design of clubhead

The 2 iron is also available in different shapes, sizes, and designs. The modern utility irons that are thinner (blade profile) might be harder to hit for inexperienced golfers. However, it is easy to learn to hit the cavity-back 2-iron with accuracy.

The sizeable clubhead of cavity-back 2-irons have a wide sweet spot and are more forgiving on miss-hits. It is a good thing to start with a cavity-back 2-iron to give you exceptional forgiveness.

What Is A 2-Iron Golf Club?

52-Degree Wedge

The 2-iron club, also known as utility or driving irons, had been around way before the invention of the hybrids golf clubs. The 2-iron variety of golf clubs is one of the choices for hard-to-hit long irons (such as the hybrid kinds).

Although many golf club sets begin with 3-irons, the 2-iron is frequently on a golfer’s bag. Most 2-irons have a loft angle of 20 degrees but may vary if forged or has an adjustable loft. Most 2-irons have a loft similar to those of 3-hybrid or 5-wood.

The 2-irons have the design to hit the ball low. It is also ideal to use in windy conditions.

Should You Use A 2-Iron?

Best Golf Clubs for Tall Men

The 2-iron is not for everyone. Those golfers with below-average swing speed are not advisable to use a 2-iron unless they can cope easily. However, those with high swing speed are the most suitable users of 2 irons.

But not all pro and seasoned players opt to play with 2-irons. Some faster swingers do use the 2-iron for the sake of getting out of trouble underneath trees, etc. Fortunately, since 2-irons have a lower loft, the ball will have a low ball flight that travels and rolls longer.

How To Hit A 2-Iron? 

The 2-irons have a loft range of 17-20 degrees. Utility irons with small clubheads might be hard to hit. But with some basic knowledge, you can benefit more from the 2-iron features. Here are the steps in using the 2-iron correctly.

Step 1: Correct Golf Ball Position

The golf ball should be ahead of the stance. If you are right-handed, place the ball about two inches inside your left heel. If you are left-handed, the ball should be beside your right heel. The positioning of the golf ball is crucial to get you into the correct angle of attack.

Step 2: Proper Posture

The 2-iron is a longer golf club, so you should adjust your position depending on the length of the shaft. Your posture before hitting the ball should be more athletic. This way, your shoulders can turn constructively to provide the right amount of swing and direction.

Step 3: Balanced, Rhythmic Golf Swing

Once you are in the position to hit, ensure that your stance is well-balanced. Next, your body should be in unison with your action to create a rhythmic golf swing without hitting the ball hard. You can achieve the proper swing and rhythm by practicing more.

Who Should Use A 2-Iron?

Those with faster swing speed are the most suitable to use the 2-irons. Many pro players use the 2-irons to have a higher trajectory and imposing accuracy.


1. How Far to Hit a 2-Iron? (Average 2-Iron Distance)

The majority of pro and seasoned golfers hit 2-irons with a range of 240-270 yards. If a pro has a higher clubhead speed, he can reach beyond this range. But the average distance range a 2-iron can hit is between 200 and 250 yards.

2. What Is the Loft Of A 2-Iron?

The 2-iron golf club ranges in loft angles between 17 and 20 degrees.

3. What Is the Difference Between 2-Iron and Hybrids?

Hybrid golf clubs are long iron substitutes that are easy to hit. The design of these clubs is a combination of irons and woods. It is more difficult for beginners, seniors, and slow-swing golfers to use the 2-irons but more practical for pros and seasoned golfers.

Experienced golfers with a faster swing speed can compress the ball using a 2-iron and launch it smoothly.

4. What Is the Difference Between 2-Iron and 3-Wood?

The 3-woods golf clubs usually have a loft angle of 15 degrees, while the 2-iron ranges in loft between 17 and 20 degrees. But most 2-irons have a 20-degree loft.

5. What Is the Difference Between 2-Iron and 3-Iron?

Most 2-irons have a sizeable profile than a 3-iron. Furthermore, 2-irons are more forgiving, flexible, and lightweight in the graphite shaft. The 3-irons do not have these characteristics.

6. What Is the Difference Between 2-Iron and a Driver?

A golf driver or a 1-wood is a bulky clubhead with much adjustability to improve accuracy and distance off the tee. The hybrid is also the biggest clubhead in the bag. The 2-irons usually have a blade-type head for a shorter range.

7. When to Use 2-Irons?

Most pro golfers use a 2-iron during windy conditions in the golf course. Moreover, they use 2-irons mainly to enhance accuracy and trajectory. Since the 2-iron hits low, most professionals use it against the wind.

8. Do pros use 2-irons?

Many PGA Tour golfers do not use 2-irons throughout their careers. Some professional golfers using 2-irons are Tiger Woods, Viktor Hovland, Matt Jones, Lanto Griffin, and Aaron Wise. Tiger Woods often uses 1- and 2- irons.

9. How far do pros hit a 2-iron?

Most professional golfers hit 2-iron between 240 and 270 yards. The actual distance will mostly depend on the clubhead speed of the golfer.


The 2-irons, no doubt, are for professional plays that have their rightful place in a game. The versatility of this golf club, like the ten best 2-irons we reviewed: gives you the chance of improving your games like the pros!

But we cannot let you leave without knowing our top choice. We recommend the TaylorMade 2020 SIM UDI as the best 2-irons at this time.

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